Divisional Secretariat, Islands North, Kayts is located in the North of Sri Lanka in Jaffna District. Jaffna district has divided into 4 major regions such as Valikamam, Vadamarachchi, Thenmarachchi, and Islands. Delft, Islands South and Islands North are included in region of Islands. Islands North Divisional secretariat consists is lands of Analaitivu, Eluvaitivu, Paruthitivu and Puliyantivu and the main topographical villages of Kayts named as Karampon, Naranthanai, Puliyankoodal and Suruvil.

Karainagar and Vali west Divisional Secretariats are situated in Northern part of our division. Along the side of Eastern and Southern part, Velanai Divisional Secretariat is situated. In the Western part, deep sea is located. Furthermore, this division is situated in direction of south west from Jaffna town at 22km distance. Jaffna Pannai kayts Road is the main road of this division. As an administrative purpose, Kayts Divisional Secretariat division is divided into 15 GN divisions consisting 54 villages.
Again when the people resettled in 1996,there were no infrastructure and basic facilities. However although those facilities are redressed to some extent, it has been observed that considerable number of people are in the state of not returning to their native place. At present, 3112 families composed of 10744 members are living in this division.


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