1. 1. Issues in drinking water
  • Low pressure areas
  • Unauthorized water supply
  • Wasting water through common water taps

Proposals to mitigate the above issues

  • Providing private water connections instead of common water supply
  • Disconnect the unauthorized water supply connections
  • Providing water pipes  which having more diameter  for low pressure areas
  1. 2. Adverse effects of mount of garbage for the relevant areas and the environment, health

This mount  of garbage has expanded  throughout  the  areas of madampitiya,mattakkuliya, kotahena and blumandal covering 4 ½ acres because of the disturbance of natural flow of water system, it is negatively affected  for rain water flowing system . there for this area will be easily affected for floods even low raining seasons. The density of mosquitoes, flies have been increased. Due to this situation   people who are living in this area have been victims of epidemics of dengue, malaria. There are is no fresh or healthy air. It is revealed that this adverse situation has been negatively affected for children who are living this area. As a whole  , this dumping of the garbage has become a significant factor to destroy the beauty and the healthyOf  Colombo.

The actions taken by the Colombo municipal council have not been succeeded to mitigate the issues of dumping garbage. The people who are living in this area must take away from the relevant area and there is a badly need to clean the canal  areas. The another solution is that recycling garbage. Recently UDA has been taken measures to eliminate  the above matter.

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