Population, Employment and income

The population of this division is 3112 families, consisting 10744 members. The population includes 5193 males and 5551 females. Female population is slightly greater then male population.

The major economic activities of the people in the division are agriculture and fishing. People from Puliyankoodal and Analaitivu are mainly doing agriculture. Due to the limited water resources, In the drought season, Agriculture Families depend on some other activities such as laboring, business, etc.

Agriculture and livestock

Agriculture continues to play a major role in the economy of the Division. The Division mainly relies on agriculture food security, income generation and employment of the population, The agriculture area includes high level in agriculture crops such as Chilies, Onions, Green gram, Cowpea, Leafy Vegetables, Ginger, Manioc, Tobacco, Paddy. During 2013/2014 the agriculture activities have been affected due to drought.

Season 2007 - 2008 (MT)
2008 - 2009 (MT) 2009 - 2010 (MT) 2011 (MT) 2012 (MT)





435 239 125.13 97.32 100% crops were affected due to the drought
Extent of paddy production






Chilli 28.8 Ginger 3
Onion 345 Leafy Vegetables 50
Green gram 3 Manioc 180
Cowpea 2.1 Tobacco 1200
Other Crops Production

Livestock Development

This division has a large extent of pasture land. Nearly 80% of villageshavetheopportunities for livestock production. Before 1990s, livestock production has taken place in larger extent. After 1990s, livestockleft as stray animals. Livestock is reared forthe purpose of milk and meat production. Poultries are issued to some beneficiaries under the “Divineguma National Programme”.

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Milking cows 534 348 286 321 305
Other cattle 970 820 646 645 628
Bulls 211 570 432 460 466
Calves 817 410 261 330 295
Total 2532 2148 1625 1756 1694

Cattle rearing

Types of Poultry 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Laying Hens 843 3005 3505 3525 3915
Poultry for meat purpose 3500 1400 3075 4290 3880
Others 3664 1349 995 1045 1085
Chicken 1163 1191 1195 1220 2050
Total 9170 6945 8770 10080 10930
Distribution of poultry

Vaccination programmes for livestock production

Information of diseases and their prevention methods are provided to livestock beneficiaries by the veterinary department.Vaccination programs are also being carried out to livestock at periodical intervals.


The division spreads over an area of. 45.11sq.km.Placement of this division is geographically important and it consist many islands. Coastal area contains multiple views of appearances. It is a remarkable area that exposes topography of multiple natures. Ownerships of land belong to private and government and major portions of land comes under private property.Land is utilizing for multi-occupational activities such as fishing, cultivation of paddy and cash crops, Palmyrah production works. Further, cultivation of tobacco contributes the major role in this area.


Many raw materials are utilized as inputs for the operation of small scale industries.Palmyrah and their related resources and sea food items are main inputs for these industries. Some small industries are abandoned due to displacement of people caused owing to unstable situation. Large scale industrial centers are absent in this division due to the limited facilities of transportation, electricity and shortage of capital.


Kayts division is surrounded by sea in three sides. Further it consists 48 Km long coastal line .This division includes three Islands. In Jaffna district, this divisiontakes a major role in fishing activities. Before the period of 1990s, One third of fish production is carried out to the outside markets. In earlier, Fisheries sector was affected due to the displacements, coastal acts, and pass system.  Currently coastal act is removed &people are resettled.Due to this reasons,small increase is obtained in fishing industries.


Major transportion is done by both SLTB and private buses. Further people are traveling by their own vehicles. However, transport facilities are not enough for the people in Kayts.