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On 29th February 1972, the firstly two Divisional Revenue Officers office such as Vakai and Paththegamai, were selected and renamed as Assistant Government Agent office and authority of the district land officer was transferred to the Assistant Government Agent.  People were received greater advantages due to the types of de-centralization of power given to the Assistant Government Agents, therefore, in 1975; the Divisional Revenue Officer system was replaced by the Assistant government Agent system in Sri Lanka.  Each district is divided into several Assistant Government Agents divisions.  The Assistant Government Agents under the Government Agent’s general authority and responsibility. Routine responsibilities and function have been devolved on the Assistant Government Agent with benefit to the people in that they can get their business transacted in local Assistant Government Agent’s office without having to go the District Kachcheri.  Each Assistant Government Agent’s division is divided into number of Grama Sevaka areas each one of which is congruent to a village or several small villages.  The village level officer is the Grama Niladhari who is the representative at grass – root level of the   district administration.


The work components of Assistant Government Agent can be functionalized as follows;

  • Development
  • Regulatory
  • Revenue
  • Welfare

Kayts Division

Basic Information of Division

Divisional Secretariat
Island North, Kayts
Electoral Division Kayts
No of Electoral Division 33
District Jaffna
No of GN divisions 15
No of villages 67
No of Families 4538 (2010)
No of Members 14660 (2010)
Extent of Land 45.11 sq.km



Assistant Government Agent’s office, Islands North, Kayts is located in the North of Sri Lanka in Jaffna District. Jaffna district consisted of divisions named as Valikamam, Vadamarachchi., Thenmarachchi, and Island. Island includes three Divisional Secretary divisions named as Delft, Islands South and Islands North. Islands North division includes islands of Analaitivu, Eluvaitivu, Paruthitivu and puliyantivu. And the main topographical villages of Kayts, Karampon, Naranthanai, Puliyankoodal and Suruvil.

In the North Karainagar, Vali west Divisional Secretary divisions are situated. Along the side of East and South  Velanai Divisional Secretary division is situated. In the West Deep sea is located. Further more this division is situated 22 Km in the South west  from Jaffna Town. Main road of this division is the Jaffna pannai kayts Road. This division consists of 15 GN divisions including 67 villages.

Main occupations of this division are the fishery and Agriculture and it has the resources for the occupation.   Before 1990 it had better infrastructure facilities and harbor. In addition it had a good place in Education. However due to the violence occurred in1990 people of this division displaced and left for Jaffna, Colombo and foreign countries.

Again when the people resettled in 1996 there were no infrastructure and basic facilities. However although those facilities are redressed to some extent, it has been observed that considerable number of people are in the state of not returning to their native place. At present 4538 families composed of 14660 members are living in this division. After war finished, 693 families  are resettled from vanni area in 2009.

Role performed at DS


Mr. S. Balaratnam A.G.A 1982 1983
Mr. K. Senthilvadivel A.G.A 1983 1984
Miss. S.Subramaniam A.G.A 1984 1985
Mr. N. Sivakurunathan A.G.A 1986 1986
Mr. K. Kulasekaram A.G.A 1986 1986
Mr. T. Balasubramaniam A.G.A 1986 1987
Mr. S. Seevaratnam A.G.A 1987 1990
Mr. S. Hector Joseph A.G.A 1991 1992
Mr. N. Vethanayagam A.G.A 1993 1993
Mr. R. Ilankovan A.G.A 1993 1993
Mrs. R. Varathalingam A.G.A 1994 1994
Mr. K. Kunarasha A.G.A 1994 1994
Mr. P. Thilaganayagampol A.G.A 1994 1995
Mr J.X. Selvanayagam A.G.A 1996 2004
Mr. K. Shrimohanan D.S 2004 2012
Mrs E.Anton Yoganayagam D.S 2012 Present