Administrative Division

Internal Administration

This group includes following internal administration activities.

  • All the principles of organization.
  • Implementation of Establishment Code and Financial Regulations.
  • Preparation of salary, increment and pension for employees.
  • Staff attendance works.
  • Leave work.
  • Compensation.
  • Implement transfers.
  • Performance appraisal.
  • Training.
  • Preparation of job description.
  • Capacity building.
  • Maintenance of inward and outward letters.
  • Maintenance of vehicles.
  • Maintenance of equipments.
  • Maintenance of e- NIC unit.
  • Maintenance of Vidhatha Resource Centre.
  • Maintenance of vocational training centre.
  • Maintenance of office garden.
  • Promotion for employees.
  • Disciplinary actions.
  • Insurance works.
  • Miscellaneous works.
  • Inquiry of complaints.


Accounts Division

  • Responsibilities and duties of the Divisional Secretary as Revenue Accounting Officer.
  • Responsibilities and duties of the Divisional Secretary as Accounting Officer.
  • Financial administration and organization.
  • Establish an Internal Audit unit in the Divisional Secretariat.
  • Delegation of functions for financial control.
  • Receipt of money in cash and in other forms.
  • Payments.
  • Security and custody of public money and other assets.
  • Maintain the limit of imprest authority of the Divisional Secretariat.
  • Maintain bank account.
  • Maintain counterfoil books.
  • Maintain Advance Account.
  • Accounting works.
  • Maintain security and bonds.
  • Miscellaneous works.
  • Preparation of annual estimate.
  • Responsibility for losses and waivers.
  • Tender procedure for supplies, works and services.
  • Maintain stores and verification.
  • Maintain internal controls.
  • Pension works.
  • Motor traffic works.
  • Business registration.


Planning Division

This development group includes following activities.

  • Forwarding the list of development works of the division to the Government Agent, on receipt of approval execution of such works.
  • Maintenance of welfare centers.
  • Accelerated development projects.
  • Gamaneguma.
  • North East Housing Reconstruction Programme.
  • Reawakening project.
  • Magenaguma.
  • Cash for work and food for work.
  • Forestry Development.
  • Ports and shipping development activities.
  • Reconstruction and Rehabilitation work.
  • Self employment loan, grant and equipments.
  • Training programmes.
  • Conducting development meetings: Divisional coordinating committee meeting, Divisional agricultural meeting and Divisional housing    coordinating committee meeting.
  • Supporting of small industries.
  • Social mobilization programmes.
  • Animal husbandry work.
  • Development activities under the Decentralized Budget.
  • Coordinating of Agricultural development activities.
  • Coordinating of fisheries development activities.
  • Coordinating of infrastructure development activities.
  • Rural development work.
  • Plantation development activities.
  • Women development work.
  • Preparation of three year development plan.
  • Preparation of annual implementation programme.
  • Preparation of statistical hand book.
  • Preparation of resource profile.
  • Community resource development.
  • Maintenance of operation room: An operation room as a key to the management information system at the Divisional Secretariat should be established. Necessary guidelines will be issued separately.
  • The Divisional Secretariat has been implementing and coordinating several special poverty reduction programmes to improve the living conditions of the people in the rural areas where the poverty incidence is relatively high.
  • There programmes include in the main the activities such as development of rural  infrastructure, rehabilitation of small tanks, provision of safe drinking water and sanitation and increasing the income of rural poor families. The special programmes aiming at poverty reduction are summarized the following page.

Social Services Division

Social Functions Of Ministry Of Social Services And Social Welfare


(A)  Public assistance monthly allowance scheme is classified into 6 categories.

  • Public assistance monthly allowance.
  • Cancer monthly assistance.
  • TB monthly assistance.
  • Thalaseemia assistance.
  • Leprosy monthly assistance.
  • Rehabilitation assistance for recipients of public monthly assistance.

(B)  Assistance To Special Needier

Divisional Secretariat provides assistance to blind deaf physically and mentally special needier to bring them to function equally with other people in the society.

  • Children home for special needier.
  • Daycare centre for special needier.
  • Educational assistance.
  • Providing special equipments.
  • Assistance for self employment.
  • Assistance to special needier under family care.
  • Pensions for special needier.
  • Celebrating special needier day in the Divisional level.

(C)  Services For Elders

  • Daycare centre.
  • Elders home.
  • Self employment assistance for elders.
  • Issuing special identity card for elders to help them to obtain services on priority basis.
  • Establish elders’ society in every village.
  • Celebrating Elders Day in divisional level.
  • Coordinating social security pension through Social Security Board.
  • Medical assistance.

(D)  Children Care And Children Affaires

  • Maintain children homes, State receiving homes, Certifies schools and remand home.
  • Assistance for twin babies.
  • Fit person payment. It means the assistance for education to children who lost their both parents or lost one of their parent and living under poverty level.
  • Maintain day care centre.
  • These are the social services of the Ministry of Social Service and Social Affairs.

Registrar Division

  • Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths.
  • Issuing Certificates