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Health medical unit is not designed as a unit in divisional wise in Jaffna peninsula. Other parts of Jaffna peninsula Other than Island, one medical health office is situated for two divisional secretaries offices. But in Island, one medical health office in Kayts is functioning for four divisional secretary offices. That health medical office renders valuable medical services for people in kayts. Health medical office services include family health officers, public health officers, malaria prevention unit, school dentist & Dengue control unit.

The first ten years before 1990, there was no perfect health service in Kayts due to sociological factors. So there were no satisfactory services in health such are infection control, school health service, mother and child care, housing and food health service. However, controlling activities were carried out in proper planning without enough man power.

Nowadays, health medical office includes 11 Public Health Inspectors 12 family health medical officers and 1 school dental officer. There are 13 centers including maternity center and child clinic centers functioning under mother and child care unit.

Medical support for the prevention of disease and nutritive foods are being delivered in a proper method. Our need is further satisfied with a help of health volunteers. Presently food, health, infection control, school health and building construction are carried out in an efficient manner.

In this division one base medical hospital and one Peripheral hospital ( Analaitivu ) are functioning in Kayts. New building is established for MOH office and also a permanent building is established for Peripheral hospital by a private donor who donated 8.5 million for this purpose.

Contact Details

Hospital Telephone Number
Base Hospital ,  kayts 0213212660
Peripheral Unit-Analaitivu 0213213584