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    Three Approaches In Samurdhi Programme


    I)    Welfare approach is the provision of monthly relief allowance to poor families. Poor families are identifies through a socio economic survey. Its other service is social security programme. It includes social security payments for death, child birth, marriage and hospitalization. Security compensation is paid by the Divisional Secretary.

    II)  Rural Development approach too features the Samurdhi programme. An organization called the Samurdhi Task Force, established at Grama Niladhari divisional level has been adopted for rural development work. It priority to income generating projects and the development of physical infrastructure facilities such as roads, channels and culverts in villages.

    III) Samurdhi Bank approach: Samurdhi Bank federation movement that empowers the poor community in the following ways.

    • Provide capital and its use capacity in economic development.
    • Democratically organize and involve them in the participatory development process through social animation.
    • Getting them to speedily join the main stream of development.

    That has adopted for the direct empowerment of the poor community, economically and socially. The following figure show the way in which economically and socially emerges is developed by Samurdhi programme in the divisional level. 11